02/21/2020 Letter P – Be Patient

If you have been a follower of this blog, thank you. It has been a introspective time for me of late, and I have had to be patient with me. We so often think of the virtue of patience as being able to give that gift to others, that we will take the time to understand them and to accept what it is that is making us impatient with them. Sometimes we need to be patient with ourselves. We need to give our bodies time to recover from stress, our minds time to rest, and our emotions time to settle. It isn’t always easy to be patient with others, and it certainly isn’t easy to be patient with ourselves. Thoughts collide in our heads making us feel like we need to make decisions quickly in order to calm the chaos. Our bodies are unable to be still even when we know that rest is what is needed. Our emotions go haywire, and we try to reign them in before we try to sort them out. Patience. It is okay to sit in quiet and try to find calm. It is okay to close out thoughts that distress without thinking we must figure it out now. It is okay to emote, then breathe in deeply and know we will be okay. I’m going to be patient with me, I hope you will be patient with you.

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