02/26/2020 Letter Q – Be Quiet

SHHH! Isn’t that what we think of when we are needing and wanting quiet? When all around us noise seems to echo in our head and makes calming thoughts impossible, we do need to quiet the chaos. What is your quiet? Perhaps it is soft music in the background even as the voices of the family testify to your busy life. Maybe it is escaping for a moment to an empty room where you can listen to your breath and quickly rejuvenate. Sometimes it might be asking those around you to just stop talking at you for a short time so your brain can rest. Quiet is good. Quiet is necessary to emotional well being. When you need quiet, find it. As we continue to move through this new year, let’s appreciate the clamor that comes with being with those we love, but let’s remember to seek the shelter of tranquility sometime during each day.

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