02/27/2020 Letter R – Be a Rebel

Oh dear, do I really want that? Yes I do. I want my adult children and my grandchildren to stand up and be strong when they think something is wrong, I do not want them to just go along. Think the students from Parkland, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, they are speaking out and being heard because things being said and done did not make sense to their hearts or their heads. They are trying to protect and they are defending, even though others will not. These are big and famous rebels of our day, but to be a rebel does not have to be on this grand a scale. Let’s talk to our young people about standing up and being heard when something is happening that troubles them. Help them see that small efforts can make a difference and that their discomfort is a sign that a change needs to be made.

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