03/10/2020 Letter T – Be Tenacious

My letter D is Be Determined and T is Be Tenacious so what’s the difference? When I think of determination and someone being determined, I envision the need to complete a task and someone diligently sticking to it. Maybe it is a sport being played and the team is determined to win the game so they work hard for that end. Maybe it is an assignment that one is struggling with and the student remains focused and gets it done. Perhaps it is assembling something and the directions don’t make sense, frustration is creeping in, but darn it you are going to conquer this thing so you do! To me determination is needed to do something that is somewhat difficult but can be and should be accomplished in a short amount of time. I think tenacity is needed for the long haul. A tenacious person is able to continue to work towards a goal or a dream that will not be fulfilled for months or even years. In my book I say “Hold fast to that which you want. Be persistent in getting what you need. Be firm in your beliefs. Be tough, hold your ground.” If you strongly see the end of your journey as the right course for you then you must keep on your path. I caution the young reader though with these words “Make sure your reasons are sound. Tenacity is a good quality when you know you are on the right course.” There is slight difference between determination and tenacity, there is a huge difference between being tenacious and just being stubborn. As the year continues to unfold, be determined each day to be accomplished and tenacious in your work towards your future dreams.

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