1/10/2020 Letter – E Be Effervescent

When I say the word effervescent I always picture a shaken up can of pop, the tab being flipped and the contents bursting forth. This is how I want to see children too, jumping and bouncing, singing and dancing, wiggling and jiggling. I want kids of all ages to burst with joy! Now of course I understand that young people go through down time just as we adults do, but oh those times should be short lived and infrequent. I believe it is our job as parents, grandparents, teachers and trusted friends to keep the stressors that creep into our daily lives away from our youngsters. We may need to share with our kids the reality of life when it is perhaps a very difficult time, but we need to reassure them that we can take care if it and that they need not worry. The world today is so very different from the world of my youth. I see so much more concern, anxiety and fear in everyone, and it is impacting the kids. Let’s give the kids back their right to be carefree by encouraging outdoor play away from screens and adult conversation. Let’s put books of delight into their hands, let’s put on music and dance around the house with them. Let’s put some joy into our everyday so the kids know that it is the way to be.

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