1/4/2020 Letter C – Be Curious

Curiosity killed the cat. Remember that? And of course the rest of it is, but satisfaction brought him back. So why try to squash someone’s curiosity? Perhaps because you think that they are snooping into business not their own? Maybe because they are on the precipice of danger? Sometimes curiosity is more nosiness than inquisitiveness or more foolishness than seeking adventure, and a warning is in order. However, when we halt a child’s natural curiosity by being too busy to answer questions or when we don’t allow them to attempt a task we think they might fail at, we are slowly extinguishing their light. Those who are curious are the ones who improve our world with invention, art, profound writing, and give us reason to ponder and to be amazed. So let’s encourage questions both from our children and to our children. Let’s also let them try those tasks (ok, not the foolish ones!), they are eager to experience. Then we can sit back and relish the smile they will smile when they get that satisfaction! In this new year, let’s spend less time in isolation, alone with our phones and computers, and more time engaged with each other. Let’s be curious together making discoveries and memories!

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