1/7/2020 Letter D – Be Determined

Determination is what keeps us going when stopping is what we really want to do. Determination is the kick in the butt we sometimes need so instead of failure we experience success. Determination isn’t something we are born with, it is learned through hard knocks and unpleasantness. That being true, difficult times and struggle are necessary to developing the ability to complete the task, get the job done and to rise above the rest. No one likes the idea of having problems, discontent, or true sorrow, but without them one simply cannot learn to overcome. If you are unable to overcome than you are done. Boy this post took a deep turn, but I am going with it because today everyone seems to want it easy and fast, in fact many are “determined” to have it all and have it now. To those who would be discouraged if all you desire does not come to you quickly or easily, I say lucky you! You will learn to persevere, and in the end you will win. The prize may be different than what you were at first hoping for, but it will be more lovely because it was earned. In 2020 vow to work for what you want and experience the joy of accomplishment!

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  1. Kathy says:

    I am reading these – don’t give up!

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