4/21/2020 Letter X – Be X-tra Everything!

So many are X-tra frustrated, X-tra bored, X-tra worried, X-tra stressed; it may be hard not to be X-tra negative. I just want to tell you that I think you are X-tra AWESOME! If you are a laid off worker struggling with bills and uncertainty but are keeping your distance and holding your family together, thank you. If you are working from home, but alone and trying to stay connected distantly to loved ones, thank you. If you are home, working or not working, but having to keep your children emotionally secure, academically enhanced, physically ok, and loved, loved, loved, while being apart form your support team, thank you. We are living in X-traodinary times that is not in doubt. We are needing to be X-tra careful in every way. We are needing to be X-tra concerned for our fellow human beings. We all need X-tra hugs. I am hugging you.

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