8/12/2020 Be Youthful and Be Zazzy! Be Zesty! Be Zippy!

It isn’t easy right now to feel youthful or to be full of zazz, zest and zip, but a gloom and doom attitude will sink you! As a senior citizen who really can’t believe she is one, keeping a fresh and open mind, a kind and loving heart, and a playful, positive attitude is what is getting me through each and every day. With activities restricted and feeling apprehensive when inside buildings, being able to look at the bright side and keep a sense of humor is so important. There is a bright side, for me it is the ability to take each day more slowly and to appreciate the quiet time. When I am with my kids and grandkids, I appreciate the fun that is part of our togetherness, and I am thankful we have remained healthy. That puts a bounce in my step! So if you are feeling down because of this darn pandemic, put some music on and dance yourself around the kitchen. Put on a silly movie and laugh at the character’s antics. Read an uplifting book and let it take you away for awhile. Find some zazz, zest and zip in everyday, remember the feelings of your younger self, and believe!

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