8/12/2020 Be Youthful and Be Zazzy! Be Zesty! Be Zippy!

It isn’t easy right now to feel youthful or to be full of zazz, zest and zip, but a gloom and doom attitude will sink you! As a senior citizen who really can’t believe she is one, keeping a fresh and open mind, a kind and loving heart, and a … read more

4/21/2020 Letter X – Be X-tra Everything!

So many are X-tra frustrated, X-tra bored, X-tra worried, X-tra stressed; it may be hard not to be X-tra negative. I just want to tell you that I think you are X-tra AWESOME! If you are a laid off worker struggling with bills and uncertainty but are keeping your distance … read more

03/30/2020 Letter W – Be Willing

Willing to lend a hand and ready to do your part. People are in these times, stepping up. People are asking and looking for ways to help. People are being willing to chance infection in order to save lives, because that is their job. God Bless the willing people.

03/26/2020 Letter V – Be Vibrant

It is rather hard to think about being vibrant right now, isn’t it? In this horrific time though, remaining positive and upbeat is essential, but how? I can remind myself of how really lucky I am to have what I need during this time of uncertainty. I can be thankful … read more

03/17/2020 Letter U – Be Someone’ Umbrella

I am often asked if I have a favorite character trait in my book, and I guess I do. I really love Be Someone’s Umbrella. “When the rain’s coming down, offer your aid, and when someone is hot be their shade. When someone’s in pain wrap them up in yourself. … read more

03/10/2020 Letter T – Be Tenacious

My letter D is Be Determined and T is Be Tenacious so what’s the difference? When I think of determination and someone being determined, I envision the need to complete a task and someone diligently sticking to it. Maybe it is a sport being played and the team is determined … read more

03/02/2020 Letter S – Be Smart

In order to be smart, it is required that you listen, observe, read, think, do, fail so that you must try again another way, communicate ideas and find ways to problem solve with others. If you do not do this, daily, than getting smart will not happen. I think it … read more

02/27/2020 Letter R – Be a Rebel

Oh dear, do I really want that? Yes I do. I want my adult children and my grandchildren to stand up and be strong when they think something is wrong, I do not want them to just go along. Think the students from Parkland, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, they are … read more

02/26/2020 Letter Q – Be Quiet

SHHH! Isn’t that what we think of when we are needing and wanting quiet? When all around us noise seems to echo in our head and makes calming thoughts impossible, we do need to quiet the chaos. What is your quiet? Perhaps it is soft music in the background even … read more

02/21/2020 Letter P – Be Patient

If you have been a follower of this blog, thank you. It has been a introspective time for me of late, and I have had to be patient with me. We so often think of the virtue of patience as being able to give that gift to others, that we … read more