2/8/2020 Letter O – Be Original

Being original is not as easy as one would like. We seem to always be presented with ideas of how we should look, how we should behave, how we should think, and what we should have so as to be happy. It is difficult to look at faces that are … read more

2/2/2020 Letter N – Be Neat

Well 02-02-2020 is pretty neat. There are so many uses for the word neat. There was a time when it meant something was cool. My dad used to order a drink neat, meaning no ice. You can accomplish a task neatly, meaning you did it skillfully or cleverly. If you … read more

1/31/2020 Letter M – Be Mindful

It has become quite popular to speak of being mindful, or mindfulness as that ability to be completely aware of the present moment in a meditative way. It has become a trend to turn inside yourself and without judgement be open to what you are feeling in a given moment … read more

1/29/2020 Letter L – Be LOUD!

“What’s the worst that can happen when you are LOUD? Someone will tell you to be quiet and sit down. But they will know you are there, that you matter and count.” When I wrote that line I was really thinking about all of the children who have something to … read more

2/28/2020 Letter K – Be a Keeper

Oh boy, today is a day to keep in my heart. My husband would have celebrated his 74th birthday today, but he isn’t here. So why must we be keepers? So no one forgets that which is important in our lives and our family. We must be keepers so that … read more

1/23/2020 Letter J – Be Jolly & Joyful

Who doesn’t want to be jolly and joyful every day? Why aren’t we? Worries, stress, unpleasantness that creeps into our lives, illness, fatigue, real sadness, all of these situations can make feeling joy and being in a jolly mood impossible. But do these things have to make us mean? Do … read more

1/20/2020 Letter I – Be Incredible

Forty years ago tomorrow I did the most incredible thing; I gave birth to my firstborn! Incredibly enough after that experience, I gave birth to two more babies! I have so often felt like an absolutely incredible mom, and just as often I have felt so not incredible! I do … read more

1/18/2020 Letter H – Be Hopeful

I remember back to when I was teaching 6th grade and on our team was a sweet boy who was dying of cancer. One day when I was speaking with the principal about him, I wondered why the family didn’t just go to Disney World or something. Why have him … read more

1/15/2020 Letter G – Be Grateful

For those of us who have much, or enough, being grateful should be easy. Even in difficult times, we can look at all we have and know that as trying as the moment may be, we will be okay. If our health is good we can be so very thankful. … read more

1/13/2020 Letter F – Be Friendly

A smile, a wave, a hello, to those you know and to those you don’t; this is all it takes sometimes to make someone’s day. Being friendly does not require big gestures, in fact the simplest attempts of friendliness are the most sincere. We probably do kind and welcoming things … read more