1/10/2020 Letter – E Be Effervescent

When I say the word effervescent I always picture a shaken up can of pop, the tab being flipped and the contents bursting forth. This is how I want to see children too, jumping and bouncing, singing and dancing, wiggling and jiggling. I want kids of all ages to burst … read more

1/7/2020 Letter D – Be Determined

Determination is what keeps us going when stopping is what we really want to do. Determination is the kick in the butt we sometimes need so instead of failure we experience success. Determination isn’t something we are born with, it is learned through hard knocks and unpleasantness. That being true, … read more

1/4/2020 Letter C – Be Curious

Curiosity killed the cat. Remember that? And of course the rest of it is, but satisfaction brought him back. So why try to squash someone’s curiosity? Perhaps because you think that they are snooping into business not their own? Maybe because they are on the precipice of danger? Sometimes curiosity … read more

Letter B – Be Benevolent

The word benevolent just rolls off your tongue; go ahead say it…ben-ev-o-lent. I love it. So it means be kind and do charitable things. This is a good thing to try to instill in others, but I’ve been thinking today about this “just be kind” mode we are in. Don’t … read more

1/1/2020 Letter A Be Affectionate

I am feeling pretty hugged right now. A hug doesn’t have to be a physical thing, it can be a feeling of appreciation. As 2019 drew to a close I received two prestigious awards; The Best Indie Book Award in the children’s category and a GOLD level award from the … read more

Winner of the Best Indie Book Award in the children’s catagory!

I have wonderful news to share. I submitted my book for review to The Best Indie Book Awards in the children’s category, and I WON! To borrow words from my award winning book, I am grateful, jolly and joyful, and feeling zazzy, zesty, and zippy! When I began … read more

Page Promotions Indie Reads

I am very excited. On Tuesday I will be interviewed by Diana Plopa of Page Promotions Indie Reads TV. I feel like I am making it into the big time! Talking about my book and how teachers and parents can use it to help kids “grow up good” is what … read more

New Year Resolutions

Be Affectionate. Be Benevolent. Be Curious. Be Determined. Yes these are a few of the character traits in my book, The Way To Be from A to Z, and I have found that all of the traits make wonderful New Year Resolutions. I think of my book as a family … read more

Start of the School Year Poem

A new school year is met with much excitement on the part of our children, but it can also be a time of anxiety and stress. So much is expected of our young people today, and they do so want to please the people who are important in their lives. … read more


I just want to say hi, and welcome you to my new webpage. I will be writing about all things related to my book, The Way To Be from A to Z, and I encourage you to respond. Helping our children develop those character traits that will serve them well … read more