Letter B – Be Benevolent

The word benevolent just rolls off your tongue; go ahead say it…ben-ev-o-lent. I love it. So it means be kind and do charitable things. This is a good thing to try to instill in others, but I’ve been thinking today about this “just be kind” mode we are in. Don’t get me wrong, I do not disagree with the kindness think, (yes I meant think.), in fact in my book I say, “be kind and be nice. Be warm and fuzzy. Do good things for others because you can, because you should, and because it will make you feel ohhh soooo gooood!” But can a child who is angry be kind? Can a child who feels neglected be kind? Are we expecting too much of a child who has not been shown kindness, to be able to show kindness to others? If a child lives in a home where there is tension and stress and goes to bed fearful, if they feel defensive, is showing kindness something they can manage? So New Year’s Resolution #2 – before demanding kindness from others, I will show that other some kindness. If someone is rude to me, I will say something like, “I’m sorry today isn’t going well for you, may it get better.” Perhaps I will just smile at someone who is scowling. Maybe a nod to someone who appears frustrated. I will be kind because I know kindness, but I will not expect that everyone has that ability. If someone young, old, or in-between is unkind I will offer a little kindness.

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