New Year Resolutions

Be Affectionate. Be Benevolent. Be Curious. Be Determined. Yes these are a few of the character traits in my book, The Way To Be from A to Z, and I have found that all of the traits make wonderful New Year Resolutions. I think of my book as a family book because it really begs for dialogue. Families are so busy today with parents working, children being involved in numerous activities and social media intruding, that finding something that will engage the entire family in a discussion is so needed. Read one page of my book at a time and talk together about what the word means to your family and how you can develop the character trait more fully in 2020. I am hoping that my book will help your family have wonderful conversations that will allow you to grow together and have some fun too! On the parent page I am posting some ideas for the dialogue so check that out!

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