The Way To Be From A To Z

“I started out as someone’s daughter. I grew and toddled about with two older brothers in Lincoln Park, Michigan. When I was four, my family moved to the northwest side of Detroit where I planted roots and thrived! I lived on the very best street with so many wonderful neighborhood friends. I went to the parish school and received an education that I am so grateful for to this day. I went off to college in the strange land of Kalamazoo, chosen because it was unknown to me, and I knew no one else who was off to this place. You see, I was ready to leave what I could behind, and to find a new beginning. I did! I became a teacher, a wife, a mother, and then a grandmother. Over and over again, I became, while remaining a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I kept the best of all I had been given while I added new layers to my life. This is what I want for you. As you make your way, hold tight to all that is good. Begin to discard the stuff that isn’t right for you and in its place find the stuff that you need to become the you who you are. Be the ABCs. Oh, and I became an author!”

— R.B. Schimmel

R. B. Schimmel, a long-time and now retired teacher, mother of three, and grandmother of six, the numerous life lessons she has learned and added valuable pieces of advice to create a poetic guidebook for growing up good. She is forever grateful for the solid education and neighborhood experiences enjoyed while growing up in Northwest Detroit. Through moves and life changes, R. B. Schimmel always held tight to what she believed, while listening and learning in order to continue to become. Now, in The Way to Be From A to Z, R. B. Schimmel encourages to find their way and to develop strong, positive standards to live by. The book is interactive with questions to ponder and answer, as well as a final page where children are invited to write about who they are.

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