Winner of the Best Indie Book Award in the children’s catagory!

I have wonderful news to share. I submitted my book for review to The Best Indie Book Awards in the children’s category, and I WON! To borrow words from my award winning book, I am grateful, jolly and joyful, and feeling zazzy, zesty, and zippy! When I began to think about my book, and what I wanted to say to kids, I really hoped that the final product would have an impact. As I wrote and rewrote, I truly tried to find a way to engage children of all ages in a book that would be meaningful and would help them develop ways to be good, strong, necessary, confident and to know they matter and can afford change. I believe that I have succeeded. As we get ever closer to a new year, I am thinking about what has shaped me into the me I am. I am wondering how to take this me and keep the good, relieve myself of the not so good, and most importantly how do I keep this me evolving? I will use my book to resolve to grow and to be better. Since there are 26 traits in the book, I will in 26 days show ways to embrace these traits into your life, into your family’s life, and to help your children embrace them in their daily lives. Come back January 1, 2020.

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