1/31/2020 Letter M – Be Mindful

It has become quite popular to speak of being mindful, or mindfulness as that ability to be completely aware of the present moment in a meditative way. It has become a trend to turn inside yourself and without judgement be open to what you are feeling in a given moment as a way to get to understand who you are. I don’t think of mindfulness this way. When I say be mindful, I mean pay attention to what is going on around you. Be mindful of your surroundings, of what others are doing, experience the happenings in your daily environment. In order to learn and grow one’s observational skills need to be keen. In order to evolve it is necessary to see that others think and do things differently and then to try and understand why. In my book I say, If you do not observe, you miss out on so much, and not knowing will keep you from growing. From growing you say? I’ll just always stay small? Your body will grow, but your mind will stay small and that is the scariest thing of all, so be mindful!

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