2/2/2020 Letter N – Be Neat

Well 02-02-2020 is pretty neat. There are so many uses for the word neat. There was a time when it meant something was cool. My dad used to order a drink neat, meaning no ice. You can accomplish a task neatly, meaning you did it skillfully or cleverly. If you keep things clean and orderly you are neat! This last one is what I was referring to in my book. Having been a teacher I saw so many problems with untidiness. As a parent I saw the wasted time because someone didn’t know where something was that they used and needed every day! As an individual I have often found myself frustrated because I didn’t “pick up” or “put things in their place” and then spent time having to organize what never should have been unorganized! It is tough to be neat though when we are running here and there and trying to fit more into a day than we should be trying to fit into a day. The answer? Slow down, take a break from pandemonium, do less if you must in order to have the time you need to live an uncluttered life.

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